Challenge the Status Quo; be funktional!

Funktional Tracker is an easy to use, affordable, behavioral tracking system than lets you measure, monitor and manage the behaviors that drive important results like case acceptance, hygiene retention and more! Your practice management software already does a great job of tracking those results. The key to challenging the status quo is identifying and affecting the behaviors to improve results. Funktional Tracker does that! Learn how

How does it work?

After signing up, you answer twenty questions that personalize the tracker selection for you based on your practice, vision and goals. Then, watch the videos and read the articles that support your tracker...and voila, start tracking behaviors and celebrating success.

Curious about our products?

We offer several package deals with many advantages. From the starter package "Funktional Tracker" to the all inclusive "Funktional Full Business Consulting" package. Click the button to get more information about all the features we offer.